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Originally Posted by erics02wrx View Post
Thank you so much for the DIY......this made it a lot easier and less intimidating!

FYI for anyone doing this, Install was strait forward if you follow the DIY the OP made. My install went very smooth and I had no issues with wiring or with the steering angle sensor, but I still got two warning/CEL lights. These were the brake light came on and DSC light was on. The ECU turned off the traction and stability control because of the steering wheel. Took it to the dealer and they had to recalibrate the steering wheel angle sensor. The computer/dealer stated that it was caused by excessive skidding (i did not mention anything about the steering wheel) I am a pretty good mechanic and the install was very basic, but the computer still had problems with this install. after doing some research it looks like 1 out of 3 have some issue with the computer and CEL's after install, so don't let it freak you out if it happens. I took it to the dealer and they fixed it under warranty, just don't tell them that it happened after the steering wheel was installed or they will charge you for the recalibration.
I am glad that my DIY helped you. The errors that you had are associated with the steering angle sensor. That is the part were you need to be extra careful. I did 10+ cars and not of them had any issues/errors ...

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your new wheel !