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German advertising agency Mutabor to leave Audi for BMW

There's quite some movement in BMW's advertising strategy and the agencies they're working with lately. Some weeeks ago we learned that BMW and GSD&M, the agency responsible for the worldwide Joy campaign, will part ways by the end of the year, and that Interone will be responsible for the global campaign for the coming F30 3-Series.

Now, reports that BMW could secure the work of another agency, the German advertiser Mutabor. One focus of Mutabor's work will be on project i and thus the marketing for the BMW's Mega City Vehicle and the Vision Efficient Dynamics.

BMW executive Uwe Elinghaus told Handelsblatt Online that BMW is "expecting big challenges. We're entering completely new market segments," which obviously alludes to cars like the Mega City Vehicle.

BMW thinks that people in the market for cars of that liking can't be addressed at car shows or in a dealer showroom. Instead, special events and ways of advertising are considered necessary to bring car and buyers together.

Mutabor has proved before to be the right company to fulfill such tasks. They were working with Audi in the last 7 years and were -- among other things -- responsible for the successful Audi A1 campaign. So it's a juicy coup that BMW could win Mutabor and make them end their collaboration with Audi.

[source: Handelsblatt Online]

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