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Originally Posted by BT M3 View Post
Thanks for the great post!

Can you help me with these questions:

Is there a sound or drone difference in the 2 vs. 4 resonator gintani X pipes?

Does the stock pipe drone more then the gintani X from your experience (as you said in your slip on post above)?

Thanks in advance.

Stock system is the best when it comes to no drone its also the most restrictive!
That said, I kept changing my mufflers because of drone, when I had the Gintani x-pipe with the stock muffler there wasnt any drone. IMHO i dont think the gintani x-pipe drones (keep in mind mine is catless). I think if you add more resonators it will eliminate raspyness. I am pretty happy with the new setup, before last night I wasnt even using my 7th gear because of drone. But now I can!!!
I might (just for fun) switch the cat delete section with Cpt_mo_703 (Red m3 in the vids) His cat delete section has resonators. If I do i will def make a vid and post it.

Gintani is Def the way to go! Depending on what muffler you get pick the # of resonators!