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There is a major issue with Treyarch's servers I think. Last night I noticed that games would not start. It would go to Migration then fail go back to the lobby then the lobby would close right away. This went on for hours, I guess since I tried periodiclly to get into matches and could not. The matches that would start were plagued by insane lag. So far this game is getting worse, not better. Also, the loser fuck face hackers are all around. Guys with 15th prestige and 10hrs of play? BS no way in hell it is possible. Then I can tell that some are using some lag switch hack to cause your character basically stop in front of them so they can shoot you with no issues. This is common I guess. A lot of people talking about it on the forums. I know there are a bunch of pissed off PS3 player petitioning for refunds from Treyarch.
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