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Originally Posted by OzStriker View Post
In my opinion the Great Ocean Road is a waste of time in terms of driving but a great sightseeing route. The high police presence, many tourists and frequent turnoffs and sightseeing points enroute make it unsafe and often a pain.
Absolutely spot on, Oz. Did this recently and it really isn't worth the effort if you want to enjoy driving your car. From the freeway entry in South Melbourne to Lorne and back I counted no less than 4 fixed speed cameras and 4 cops on motorbikes with radars giving people fines. By the the time I got past Lorne and on the way to Apollo Bay I got held up in traffic with the people in front going as slow as 40. So I pulled the pin, turned around, enjoyed the scenery and drove on the speed limit back into Melbourne.

Definately only good if you want to go for a casual cruise. Although if there were no cops around and not too much traffic the drive would be fantastic.