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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
Nope. He is playing against Texas. Sherman said he did not look at the vid but has spoken with the player and said it will not be tolerated. Ben Cotton, player being pinched, said he looked at it and thinks he was just trying to get to the ball(s).

Nebraska brass has told Pelini he better get his temper under control real quick.
Sad that Sherman would take that road. It says a lot about him. There's not much interpretation left to be had when watching that video. The dude definitely was reaching for the ball(s)... which the Nebraska player tries to keep in his scrotum.... Do you have any direct quotes from Sherman saying his player was just trying to get to the ball? That would be pretty funny actually.

It's good for a coach to have fire and passion, but you can coach that way without making an ass of yourself and setting a terrible example for the kids on the team. Some of the greatest coaches of all time had some pretty good mean streaks, but they were much better at using tact. I guess Woody's incident where he punched the guy wasn't a very good example, but he was pretty senile at that point.

Anyway, I don't think Pelini's fire is the problem. I think it's his inability to channel and control it. Too many softie coaches out there these days.