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and yet our "regular brakes" outperform many "OEM Brembos" - example, the "worst" time on Insideline's E90 M3 was 110 feet 60-0, while the Dodge SRT-8 is 119 feet. I think that's a pretty decent stock offering.
Brembo's are more appropriate for track use. The stock M3 brakes fade pretty quickly.
I agree, stock M3 brakes are a joke when used more than one lap on the track, from the E30 M3 up to the E9x M3. All the strengths of the stock M3 at the track disappear after 3 or 4 laps when the stock brakes start to give you a non consistent feel at best, and/or fading at worst.

The M3 is still positioned as a dual purpose car, ie, for the street and occasional weekend light track use. That's why it still outperforms many of its competitors on a single lap track time and why magazines and auto shows keep using it as a benchmark.

As for the comparison with the Dodge SRT-8, that doesn't mean the Brembos are bad. You have to compare apples to apples for the comparison to make sense. Fit the M3 with the Brembos and measure stopping distance. Then put on some laps and measure fading, consistency and stopping distance lap after lap. Guess what brake system will come up on top on the same car.

BMW is probably saying the M3 brakes are tested at the Nurburing and they work perfectly there, maybe that's because they have enough time to cool down there. Go to a typical track, and we all know what's the story. For the street of course the single caliper brakes of a stock M3 are more than adequate.

Sorry if this is off the main topic but I had to get it out of my chest...
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