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Originally Posted by Steved View Post
You forgot one.

DIN weight (sometimes referred to as unladen weight), which is equivalent to your defn. of Curb Weight, less fuel. That's the weight that Porsche tend to quote for all their cars (in RoW) and the one that gets repeatedly quoted in the press.

Being involved with the press myself it drives me up the wall when I see Porsche's DIN weight being compared with BMW's EU1 weight and then the lazy journo concluding that the BMW is 'so' much heavier. For example, so many forum pages have been wasted discussing why the Z4M weighs 150kg+ more than a Boxster, when in actual fact the difference was more like 40kg..

So, for the DIN weight of the M3 (i.e. comparable with Porsche, Audi quoted weights etc)

DIN Weight = 1655 kg - 68 kg - 7 kg - (0.9 X 63 liters X 0.76) = 1536 kg = 3386 pounds
Very useful info.