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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
Mike Sherman may be benching a palyer. There is a vid on YouTube of an Aggie pinching that Cotton guy's junk when he was on the ground. No wonder he was kicking like a mule.

Sherman will not stand for that crap hopefully. I know a srum is a beastly place but dang he was pinching like an idiot.

edit. They are saying Martinez is quiting the team. The reason coach was spitting in his face, rumor, was because he texted someone while he was getting his ankle looked at.
LOL goddamn when did football become such a gay sport? Pinching each others' balls and texting from the sideline? Kids these days....

Man we used to try to eye gouge and forearm shiver in the scrum, maybe you had a wrestler or two who was in there trying to check your oil, but pinching balls and texting? That's bad....