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Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
pass interference one was too that set them up 6 to 3. that was more offensive then defensive.
I disagree completely. The receiver was trying to come back to the ball and had his progress impeded by a defender who wasn't interested in playing the ball instead of the player. The receiver then tried to actively shed the defender. If it was a penalty at all, it was defensive pass interference. It was a touchy call for sure, but the announcers were high on crack, and this is was led to them inferring that it could even possibly be an offensive penalty.

The roughing the passer penalty was just absolutely ridiculous though. After watching the replay, I was just astounded that it could have even been considered as a penalty from any angle, even in real time. However, Pelini needs to wrok on his tact. That sort of leadership begets a team riddled with characters who also can't control their tempers, which leads to a lot of stupid penalties and loss of composure. You can be a hard-ass coach without making yourself look like such an immature moron. Take Bo and Woody, for example....