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For those of you who haven't done enough Motorsport to know this.

1) If possible overtake on straights when safe to do so.

2) If you are Fast on straights Slow around corners, YOU ARE SLOW. Don't be a dick, let faster cars pass by letting off throttle on straights by indicating where you want them to pass.

3) Don't overtake around the corners unless indicated by driver.

Clearly in this case, M3 driver was the slower car/driver, did not watch for traffic and give way to Evo Driver.

Evo Driver should not have overtaken the M3 around the corner unless he received hand or light signals.

Direct Quote from Evo Driver, "Its a relatively common occurrence for drivers to move over to the right when I come up behind them. In this case the driver did just that - and if you know the track you'll know that he has moved completely off the line - as well as putting on his anchors. I assumed consent, clearly not....."

And that is why we don't overtake around the corners unless indicated by the driver.

By indicating either through hand or light signals, it means the driver acknowledges you are behind him and wants you to overtake him in the direction in which he points or intend to keep to allow a safe overtaking route.

This is not a race meet. It is a track day. There is no room for psychic activities on track days.