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Had a weak and unbalanced handbrake, and this is what i did:

Pry off the handbrake boot with a trim removal tool

Under the lever, there's a spring loaded cable tensioner. Push this backwards with a large screwdriver or a steel rod until you hear a click and the tensioner is held back.

Loosen one wheel bolt on each rear wheel. Put gearbox in neutral and raise both rear wheels. (You cannot do one wheel at a time because of the LSD.)

Rotate road wheel until you see a small toothed adjusting wheel through the bolt hole. It's partly hidden by a spring. Use a flash light. It is located at one o'clock or eleven o'clock, can't remember which.

Now you should flick the little wheel with a large flatbladed screwdriver to tension the brake. On the left side, you flick backwards and upwards. On the right hand side, you flick forwards and downwards. Tension until you cannot move wheel, then back off about 8 tooths. Make sure road wheel is free to spin.

Lower car, tighten wheel bolts. Use the flat screwdriver to push the arresting hook on the tensioner to the right. It will then spring out.

Did a vehicle inspection the other day where the hand brake was tested, and it looked great!