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He is the greatest Filipino fighter of all time. Don't go down this road.... You used the word accomplishment...

Willie Pep 229 wins, 11 losses and 1 draw, with 65 KOs
Joe Louis 65 wins, 3 losses
Roberto Duran 103 Wins, 13 loses, 69 KOs
Rocky Marciano 49 Wins, 0 losses, 43 KOs
Manny Pacquiao 52 Win, 3 loseses, 2 Draws 38 KOs

I disagree with you because these men fought and accomplished more. Pacman is young enough to have the opportunity to accomplish as much or more. But right now, the only reason you are saying he is the greatest of all time is because both you and he are Filipino. And like I said before, I understand your excitement for the most talented fighter that the world has seen in many many years. Just be careful when you say someone is the "Greatest of All Time".

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