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Yup, I have to say I'm disappointed with Fallout New Vegas...
I had really high hopes because I enjoyed Fallout 3 so much.

I've had freezin, crashing, stuttering, lost saves, etc. And this is on the same setup I played Fallout 3 (and games like Crysis) with no problems.

On top of that, the main story just didn't grab me like 3 did. For most of the game I just kept thinking "blah blah, where's the good weapons".
Fo 3 I wanted to take my time and explore and do the side quests. NV I just felt like getting it done. There weren't any factions that really drew me in. I didn't like the NCR or the Legion. Mr. House was equally douchey, I didn't want to elimate the Brotherhood for him. And if you side with Yes Man it's not any better... it's not like you're in control of the robots like he makes it seem.
It might have been cooler if you could pull the smaller factions like the Brotherhood and Boomers together and rule with them.
How crappy is that I liked the small factions way better than the major ones you have to side with...
I don't think I'll be replaying NV... I played FO 3 4 times through and would still go back and play it again.