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Originally Posted by Mark335i View Post
Something is rotten in Denmark, I mean Germany.

At today's exchange rate that is US$ 75,177 B4 VAT and US$ 89,464 after VAT!
Yes, but the price includes a brand spanking new Siemens high pressure fuel pump. This spare will ship with the car, which will have a reduced spare tire compartment to accomodate the fuel pump. I hear they are also shipping a few seat belt butlers, just in case

And a spray can of "Squeal Repellant" for noisy tires and center consoles.

Also, on the door pillar, you will find a directory with phone number of all the BMW executives in Germany, just in case you need to call them and have a friendly chat with them.

And the car will come with a fully operational Procede detector.

Okay, okay... I will quietly let myself out now. Sheesh...