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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
OK looks like we have a winner 3483 lb curb weight (btw my guess back in 11/06 was 3500 even ). I sure hope the number is solid. IMO this is a fantastic achievement. The 335i weighs in at 3571 this is almost 100 lb lighter!! This is a huge achievement given the things that add weight to the vehicle relative to 335i: chassis stiffening, engine, clutch, rotors/calipers, tires, cooling system, exhaust system, etc.

I think the list of weight savings items other than composite roof and body panels will look pretty darn impressive once we learn about all of the effort that went into this.

Updating my lb/hp list we now have:
  • Corvette C5: 8.0
  • E60 M5: 8.1
  • E92 M3 8.3
  • F355: 8.3
  • New Carrera S (+20 hp rumored): 8.3
  • Carrera S: 8.8
  • RS4: 9.4
  • AM Vantage: 9.5
Boys with an extra .3-.4 seconds per shift with ZSG we are really going to have a on our hands.
The C6 Corvette is 7.9 since we're talking up to date lists.
If BMW's quote of 414HP stays the same, that will take the E92 M3 to 8.4, still a very impressive number.