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Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
is it shameful if your parents bought you this car?? i really dont think so...some are fortunate that way....but i dont see anything wrong with, if ur parents did buy u the car and u are playing it off like u bot it, then i have issues with that...own up u kno, if thats the case..
I guess it varies from where in the world you live. If I wouldnt have bought my M3 with my own money in Sweden I would be a spoiled brat. There is this unwritten law in Scandinavia called "jantelagen" wich basically means that you should never talk about your wealth and success. It is considered ugly and inapropriate. In Sweden nobody ever congratulates you for doing well in life (with some exceptions of course). Jantelagen is one of the reasons Im leaving this country as soon as I finish my studies.

Originally Posted by stega View Post
LOL you really think those 18-20 year old kids are paying for the car themselves?? lol they have their parents buy it for them of course.
Reason I wrote what I wrote.