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Project 2010 BMW M35i - Build your own !

I live in Egypt.. I had purchased a 2009 BMW 316i Coupe brand new from the local BMW Dealership for those of you that arent aware of the 316i it is a 1.6 Liter Engine producing 126 HP which doesn't really feel like a BMW feels more like a honda civic !

In Egypt we have very high customs and taxes on cars. For instance a new M3 which is very unique here would set you back 2,300,000 LE which is equivalent to $460,000 ! which is insane !

My 316i Coupe cost me 350,000 LE which is $70,000. Car was nicely equipped.. Had idrive, 6 speed manual transmission, leather seats, sunroof, and 16" wheels.

The car looked beautiful but I wanted a more aggressive looking car and more power so I decided to spice up things a bit.

Phase 1

I ordered OEM M3 Parts such as Front & Rear Bumpers, Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, Side Skirts, Front Panel, Air Ducts, Wheel Arches, Windshield wiper tank, 19 Wheels etc.. All brand new original parts shipped from BMW Germany.. with all required parts for installation.. Ofcourse when it came to the rear fenders.. The M3 has a wider fenders and you cant order those because the are attached to the main body frame and roof.. so I took the car to a skilled body shop and the widened it exactly like the M3..

Car was complete looks wise ! but when the car drove people saw an M3 but didnt hear an M3 so I had to do something about the car sound ! Went to the best exhaust place in town.. We removed the mid silencer so the exhaust could breath heavier and started testing muffler boxes... Every muffler gave out a completely different sound...

Straight Pipe

We tried finding a Muffler as a temporary solution until the Engine arrived

We tried plenty of mufflers and ended up with the HKS Race Exhaust sounded loud and aggressive... will upload sound clip soon...

Car looked and sounded nice.. but the drive was shit tooo damn slow.. couldnt wait until the Engine arrived !

Phase 2

Ordered 2 complete M3 interiors. From Track M3s.. One Fox Red and one individual saddle brown.. both were in immaculate condition..

Car was almost complete

Phase 3
November 2010

Mechanical: Finally the Engines Arrived !!

Finally after a long long long time and help from online junk yards we found a mint 2010 BMW 335i DCT convertible with a broken convertible top that was written off from the insurance company and sold to a junk yard.. and a rear minor accident 2009 M3 Manual.. I decided to go with the 335i has more luxury features, softer suspension (Better for Egypt) and with some tuning will reach 500-600 HP...

The car is now getting its new system installed... Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Complete center console with new i-drive, Brakes etc...

Will keep you updated with photos..

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2010 M35i (Complete M3 with Tuned Twin Turbo inline 6)