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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Both are equally valid and I have seen both used in a lot of places. As long at the units are listed beside the number there should be no confusion.
Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Indeed I used lb/hp, the less the better. I should have stated that and given units. However, as enigma said both lb/hp (around 10 for sporty vehicles, nowadays 8...) as well as hp/ton are common. I changed the order and added units per other suggestions.

BTW, all of this should have been pretty obvious. It doesn´t make anyone an idiot but you should be familiar with numbers of about 10 lb/hp.
My point is that it was stated these were power to weight ratios, but instead weight to power ratios were given. I didn't say WtP was invalid. When a chart says top speeds, you expect to see, well, speed numbers - in mph or km/h, not how much time it takes a vehicle to cover 1 mile or km (hpm or h/km). Both are valid, but only one indicates the subject "top speed." That is all.