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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Sigh...Where to begin?

The game was over the second the M3 tapped his brakes in the middle of a very high speed turn. Whether he was on or off line was immaterial, where he tapped his brakes left the EVO absolutely NO PLACE TO GO.

By tapping his brakes at speed in a turn, the M3 pretty much guaranteed a spin. There's no way the EVO could have slowed down given his position and speed, since by either lifting off of throttle or braking to avoid rear ending the M3 he would have spun himself. The only other option is to t-bone the M3.

We're assuming that he's attempting to PASS the M3 without consent...Well, consent or not, that M3 was going to spin out in front of him. Personally? I think the EVO attempted the best option available to him at the time and actually managed to minimize damage to both parties.

I think the only "fault" of the EVO was assuming that other drivers on the track are semi-capable of handling their cars. In an environment where I can not guarantee that the drivers around me has an ounce of skill I would have exercised a little bit more caution.
It doesn't appear that the M3 was braking all that hard, if you freeze the video the moment the M3 brake lights come on you can see the Evo has options at that point. The most conservative option would be to get on the brakes hard while continuing out to mid track and not staying left to the apex. The Evo makes no attempt to slow and (according to the G-meter) has some tire traction available to slow. Seems to me that the Evo was too concerned about getting a sub 8 minute lap time instead of trying to avoid a situation with the M3 (basing some of that on the comments on youtube).

Obviously the Evo driver knows the ring. He should have seen that the M3 driver was totally off line (pinching the entry) and could have actually backed off to give the M3 some room before the brake lights came on.

Certainly the M3 screwed up, but the accident was the fault of the Evo who never used his brakes prior to being clipped by the M3.

It's easy to Monday morning QB this situation, who knows how I would have reacted if I'd been there. I've been close to cars that spun in front of me and have always been able to avoid contact (knock on wood). With experience you can predict some bad situations before they actually occur.

Here's an example of a no contact spin (skip ahead to 9:15 for the spin):

Be wary of my rear view mirror actuated spin control device.
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