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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
yessir - that was my point if i failed at making that clear lol...

there are a lot of people thinking us 20 somethings are not financially capable or responsible enough to handle it... but as someone above pointed out we also have less financial obligation than a lot of the more established family people may have so we can devote more money toward our fun.
I'm almost 19 and in college. I'm very lucky that I don't have to pay for books and everything, otherwise I would have quite a large debt when I'll finish in about 4 years. However, the chance of me owning an M3 when I'm 20 and even 25 is quite small. Simply because where I'm from (Netherlands) the M3 starts at 110000, so not a chance unless I win the lottery. I saw a used one a few days ago, had almost 100,000 km and was 53000, a lot less, but still... I hope the future brings something good, cause I'd love to have an M3 (one day...).