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Originally Posted by NYCGarbagePrince View Post
You know what you guys need to draft next year? Another WR! That think that would really solidify your team.
Maybe Mike Williams could enter the draft again?

I would draft a WR right now to replace the O-Line. It's not like a WR could block any worse than the guys we have there already.

What really bugs me is that Matt Millen is still in the industry. How does that happen? If BMW made cars that only ever drove straight into trees and caught fire while locking in the passengers, they would never be able to recover and brand cars again. They wouldn't be consulted by other carmakers, they wouldn't be able to re-brand themselves, nothing....

Yet Matt Millen can be a commentator for college football? WTF? I laugh every time he lauds a receiver.... OMG the irony.