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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
BTW, that was a nice kill streak. I liked MW 2 a lot for the online play, do you think Black Ops is at least comparable in terms of balance and fun?
thanks man. i think black ops is leaps and bounds better than modern warfare 2. perk balance is amazing, guns actually have recoil, you have to actually earn your killstreaks, air support isn't ridiculous, the maps aren't half bad and there aren't any exploits i've run into so far. not to mention i've only been n00btube'd once

problems with MW2
  1. one man army everything
  2. insanely OP'd air support
  3. boosters
  4. shotguns as secondaries
  5. commando
  6. machine pistols
  7. the acr
  8. pre-patched models
  9. pre-patched javelin glitch

problems with black ops
  1. lobby disconnection
  2. non-ninja footsteps are almost silent
  3. rcxd should be a 5 killstreak

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