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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
i've noticed that the projected action doesn't really reflect what happens on the other persons screen. for example, you could be clearly shooting someone first on your pov, but in the killcam it's clear they got the first shot off. don't worry about it too much, you aren't the only one
That happens in all shooters, network code and technology hasn't risen to the point where the "real" model of the game on the main server can be replicated with 100% accuracy on all the other nodes (copies, players). Practically everyone is playing with a slightly different "model" of the game when they are online. Years ago, when I worked with LucasArts/Totally Games on X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, our team created some "cheap" tricks to sort of compensate, and to be honest, I don't think technology has really gone much further since then (1997).

BTW, that was a nice kill streak. I liked MW 2 a lot for the online play, do you think Black Ops is at least comparable in terms of balance and fun?
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