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I have Charter cable with a Docsis 3.0 modem, and a Cat 6 cable. 25mb/3mb, and I asked a tech pro and he said that it has to do with a two main things. First is my upload speed, and then the host in the lobby. If I have a slow connection to any of those then this is why it happens. You have no control. the only way you can almost seal a great connection is to have Fiber optic connection from Verizon Fios with 50mb/25mb upload speeds.

I cant get Fios in my area and it is like finding the white elephante it seems. It is only in certain areas.

I mostly play Domination and headquarters since you get more points.

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That happens to me too, I have a good internet connection. Maybe the game is like that?
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I notice that as well. I'll put a dude in my sights and start shooting before he's aimed at me yet I still die, kinda frustrating. I chalk it up to my shitty gun. I'm only a level 10 so far so I haven't really unlocked a assault rifle worth buying.

I have not had any issues though getting into matches.

What match style do you guys play?
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