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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
Thanks..wonder if that demographic still holds 2.5 yrs later and into the current M3 production run (mid cycle).
If anything the average will have gotten younger due to used sales.

By and large, your friend was correct that the M3 demographic sways toward the younger set. However, I don't buy that crap about more mature people driving sedans and sports cars. It all depends on one's needs, irrespective of age. Also, you should remind your friend that the M3 is actually available as a sedan as well, though I suspect that the average age of sedan owners is indeed older than the average age of coupe owners. On the other hand, convertible owners might likely be the oldest (just my opinion).

I think your friend is just a smidge jealous of your versatile car, and/or he is a bit insecure in his choice of cars.
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