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Originally Posted by NYCGarbagePrince View Post
I looked around. I didn't see any dedicated threads to talk about games on Sunday.

Hey clue, your fucking lions are killing me. Best is on the field 75% of the game but can't get more than 30 rushing yards because your O-line doesn't even understand the concept of run blocking. It is ridiculous.

Ohh and in the last 8 games the bills have let up 175 rush yards on average per game. They suck. And the lions can only get 70 yards.
WTF do you want me to do about it? I was one of the ones saying we should forego the chance at Suh to get a couple veterans on the O-Line or at least 1 good addition to the O-Line.... Suh is a beast. I'll admit that. However, with the other moves the Lions made on that D-line, they'd still be alright with an average DT filling that spot instead.... Their O-Line is TERRIBAD and will continue to put our QB's and RB's through the shredder until we're left with Stanton and Morris back there.... It's just sickening.

Cherilus is too stupidity-prone, Peterman is a complete worthless piece of shit in all respects (penalties, run blocking, and pass protecting), our CENTER Raiola is competing for the league lead in FALSE START penalties (I know, WTF???), and Backus (our LT) is worthless in pass protection. The only one I don't have a lot of negativity towards is Sims, but that's just because his badness is overshadowed by the rest of the all-star losers on that line....

With all the weapons Detroit has, they're all worthless without an O-Line. Good job getting Suh, and he's a complete animal, but we would have benefitted much more from a couple solid additions to the line on the offensive side of the ball.

The Lions (at least going in to the Bills game) were on the brink of becoming a team that believed in themselves completely, where the entire roster was "on board". Now, with the collapse against the Jets, and the loss to the shitty ass Bills, you're going to start seeing the same ol' dissention creep out of the woodwork. The old Lions are back, and you'll see all the good, hard-working, contributing players asking to be moved at the end of the season. It's a disease in Detroit. That Bills game was a MUST WIN for the team's near future hopes, and they couldn't even pull it off. Tired of this shit, man.