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Originally Posted by SmilesAndGiggles View Post
Windblox actually makes lexan deflectors for about $90, if I remember correctly. Great windscreen and awesome wind protection. I'm not sure how the price compares, but I ended up buying from them because I liked the lexan look and I don't pass up a great deal. That, and I don't have time to get creative like some people. :-/
it looks like theirs attaches to the headrest posts looks kinda weird... and they dont make any for my car...
is this style even efficient? i thought air was coming over the front seats, down "in" the back seats and around the driver's waist / head? that doesnt seem to do sh**, but maybe i'm wrong...i made mine out of lexan (different car), but at least it's a full-size one (2-piece) that uses the factory mounting points...

anyway, sorry for the OT donovan, but at least you're getting free bumps