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Originally Posted by BMW_TT View Post
His corner should've thrown in the towel.
If you watched the fight carefully at the 11th round, Pacquiao asked if the referee could stop the fight since Margarito looks so beat up and swollen.

When asked after their bout in the ring by an announcer, Paquiao said that he felt "pity" for his opponent so he decided not to punch Margarito any further. If that was another fighter, that fighter will take all that chance to knock the hell out of Margarito. I look up to Pacquiao since he still has some dignitiy left in him not to go for that knockout punch. After the 11th round, he knew that he already won so he took it easy.

That was Paquiao's best fight IMHO.

8-time world champion FTW. Too bad Floyd Mayweather is too scared to fight him. A lot of alibi's... I think he's just waiting for Paquiao to slow down, then he will step up the ring to fight him. He's just too scared to get his first loss...