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Memory-card mode wider than tape mode?

Hey guys, I have a Sony DCR-TRV33 coupled with a Raynox .3x Semi-Fisheye lens. The bulk of my filming is automotive (in-car mostly). Anyway, I noticed that when I am filming in the memorystick mode, the image is zoomed out way more and seems to be using the full potential of the wide angle lens. In tape mode, it seems as though the picture is initially zoomed in (whether the cam does this on purpose to eliminate the fisheye effect, I do not know).

Here's an illustration I conjured up:

Basically, I was wondering if I can set up the camcorder, so I can use the full width of the lens in regular miniDV mode.

Another thing I noticed was that when I'm in the 16:9 tape mode, width-wise, it is recording the same amount as the 4:3 stick mode. I'm guessing that in 4:3 mode in tape mode is zoomed in on purpose, so that when you choose 16:9 mode, it just zooms out to the max, and cuts off the top and bottom picture.

If anyone can help that would be great, otherwise I'll have to get some kind of extension for my cam mount.

Here's a video example:
16:9 Tape mode:

Same distance 4:3 Card mode: