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Originally Posted by jtblcksprt View Post
I was driving in the rain on fresh asphalt and hit a curb in my e90 325i, i forget the exact amount but it was between $3500 and $4000 in suspension damage. I don't have pictures, but my driver side wheel was angled in about 30 degrees when wheel was straight. I can only guess that the price would be much more on an M3.
Im at about 15 degrees when the wheel is straight. Its also pushed against the back part of the wheel well too. thats where its rubbing.
My buddy was telling me, based on the material and the color of the piece thats bent, rear cntrl arm, he thinks that it was designed to bend in such a way to keep from damaging the rest of the suspension. the strut assembly is good. he said that he has seen a rally car wreck where it was hit in the same spot and the three attach to bolts, located above the dampner system under the hood, complety colasped...
I looked online and they have this part listed for less that $100 bucks. (index 8)