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The protein found in name brands comes from just a few suppliers. Name brands simply mix it this or that way and then call it a fancy name, add fillers (junk), and flavorings, and other crap. You have no idea where it came from--some protein actually is shipped from China . (You know, the country that added plastic to protein in pet food to make it seem like it had protein....) It might even seem like a "good deal" but you get what you pay for (cheap = fillers, whey concentrate with lots of fat and lactose, Chinese ****, and so on). You'd simply be shocked at what really goes on behind the scenes...I had a friend who started a chain of nutrition stores, then his own line of products (including protein). He finally quit because his profit margins were being so drastically undercut by other suppliers with inferior ingredients but better supply chains, marketing, and volume. The only way he could have competed was to sell even worse crap than they did; something he didn't want to do....

Skip the middle men and buy pure in bulk! Most proteins are 8-10 dollars/pound in bulk, and that it pretty comparable to most of what's on the market--except here there are no fillers and you know what you're buying. Proteinfactory supplies bulk casein (several types); whey (isolate, cross-microfiltered, ion, concentrate, hydrolyzed 1400, 500), egg white--about 40 kinds of protein. They have carbs too--low glycemic oat, rice olgliodextrin, maltodextrin, dextrose, etc. You can mix and match all of these and flavor as you like. They'll custom mix for you. You can make your own and try different mixes/formulas to find what works best for you.

I have no affiliation with this company and there are other companies out there that do the same. Find a supplier you like/trust, test their products/results. The point is why buy relabeled and expensive junk when you can buy pure in bulk and combine as you like? DIY and save.

Whoever posted the postworkout mix was right on. 2:1 carbs/protein post workout is tried and true using high glycemic carbs (maltodextrin, dextrose) and fast digesting protein (whey isolate, or if you can tolerate the taste, hydrolyzed casein or hydrolyzed whey). Hydrolysis pre-digests the protein so it passes through the stomach into the small intestine for rapid absorption. But be warned, it tastes like s***. The goal here is fast absorption and an insulin spike to aid recovery--normally insulin causes fat gain, but after a very hard workout it pushes the nutrients into muscle not fat cells.