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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
? before weekend football hibernation.

I read launch control is really not needed from a stop. Did you just rev it up a bit and do the old lift/mash?

I also read the 11's have a new set up to allow the car to be a bit more forgiving on the tush. Is your 09' that harsh?

If you golf have you tried fitting your sticks in back? I would guess it is no problem.

Running against 650hp is a bit of a miss match once his grabs on. Horses are still horses.
Basically, you can just mash the gas. I took it to an empty parking lot and played with the launch control. It has been reprogrammed for LC2 and launches @ 2800rpm now as opposed to 4000rpm from LC1 which was breaking some trannies. LC won't be a feature I use much at all (if ever). I don't think the ride is too harsh, but I don't go out looking for the worst roads either. I haven't put my golfclubs in the trunk yet but I can tell there's room for 2. This was a must as I live on a golf course.

650hp on a car that's 600-700lbs lighter is a mismatch. I was surprised that it wasn't worse. Man, that Z06 is crazy.