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Originally Posted by 08rookie View Post
working out isnt about instant gratification. its more of a lifestyle to adapt. you wont see benefits immediately but you will def notice muscle growth if your diet is right. if you spent 4 months training hard and then just stopped hitting the weights, but remained on the same high protein diet, your muscles will slowly dissolve back to the pre workout size. i stress slowly because as long as you feed your body protein then your muscles will not loss mass. its is very hard to gain mass and very hard to loose mass....thats why it might take some time in the gym to see results.....

hands down diet is key. you spend 1 hr in the gym but the rest of the day eating. i hate fuckers who would go to the bar and eat wings and beer after training...def defeats the purpose ya kno...

if you live in the northeast we have wawa and they have these little bullshit cottage cheese snacks with jelly on one side and cheese on the other side...has alot of sugar but def worth the taste...i dont think the taste is thatttt bad...just a couple spoonfuls before bed will make me happy...

cottage cheese is just a form of casein are egg whites...casein protein is the best before bed because the 8 hrs of sleep will deplete your intake...the slow digestion will help...

also, dude, sleeep!!! sleep is def crucial to muscle growth. take naps man ha...your muscles will grow in your sleep...
You won't have to worry about me on wanting a quick fix. I starting hitting the gym back in college and eating really healthy. That was 8 years ago. Things got busy and complicated some years ago and just about a year ago, I got back into full on diet and workouts.

I've seen a lot of growth in the past 11 months and I know very well that it takes time for any visible development. I've recently hit a plateau and was thinking of changing up my supplments in getting bulkier since I'm currently on a muscle building stage. I'll be on a cutting phase next year.

Cottage Cheese is one thing I'm getting a bit bored of so I'm gonna start trying out the ON Casein and cycling that with the cottage cheese just to keeps things different.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I've never felt healthier! Even some of my gym trainer friends that I haven't meet in many months said I've changed a lot when I metup with em recently ^_^