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Originally Posted by charlton113 View Post
DONE! thanks a thing, maybe because my new painted reflectors are aftermarket, but the front lower inner corners on both reflectors are pertruding just a tad bit..maybe 2mm or so.. is that normal or should it be totally flush with the bumper? i took it off and put it on a few times to be sure..same result..i wish i had the pics, but i'm at work..i'll post tonight. thanks again~
Should be totally flush. There was a huge row about some Bimmian painted reflectors a while back, their fitment was apparently very poor. I know IND offers the best option by having painted reflectors that are painted over OEM. If you got them from Bimmian (or through one of Bimmian's distributors), chances are you'll have some fitment issues.

You can try pushing down on that corner a little, maybe the tab didn't go in all the way. Otherwise, it's probably poor fitment.