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Originally Posted by 08rookie View Post
fuck protein powder...

not sure your agenda but a PWO shake is much better then protein powder...torrent is best....after you workout and you body is just weak and spent you need a PWO (post workout) shake...that PWO shake should be 2:1 carb to protein ratio....your muscles with eat that shit up like a sponge...people think they should run for an hour or spend an hour lifting weights and walk out the gym with a 60gram muscle milk shake and they will turn into fucking arnold...not true need carbs after they gym more so then protein...

if you are just looking for a protein supplement throughout the day to keep your intake upwards of 150grams then so be it...i used isopure...they seem to be the best...but then again your body can only utilize a certain amount of protein per meal...if you take 3 mega scoops of your protein with mike and it amounts to 90 grams of protein, i think you are wasting alot of protein...diff bodies are different but your are much better served by getting protein by whole foods then shakes....

there are 2 types of protein...whey and casein...casein is slower digesting, usually found in eggs whites and dairy products...most protein junkies will take a casein shake before bed to get protein throughout the bedtime snack used to be a bowl of cottage cheese and jelly haha...

whey protein is fast absorbing and will best be served after a workout or before a workout....if you really want to gulp something down after you rack your weights id suggest a PWO like torrent anyday then just mixing a shitload of Whey Protetin anyday...
T H I S. I've had much better results after following this than when I used to down as much protein as possible after my workout. Torrent tastes amazing too - I've got the green apple

Cottage cheese is fantastic as well. I usually eat that before bed but I absolutely hate the taste of it so sometimes I'll just drink a casein shake
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