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The pads that come with US Brembo kits are OEM Ferodo 2500s. Great, great pad. It does dust a lot, and its not a track pad. But for beginners on the track and street driving - its great.

I do have a solution for people that like less dust AND track their cars. Although I do not have the part numbers, any qualified Brembo dealer will figure this out for you. Brembo offers ceramic pads in street and race compounds. These pads are compatible with each other - you can swap between them WITHOUT rebedding. Additionally, since they are ceramic, the street pads dust much less and the pad dust is gray instead of black.

Also, most Brembo dealers will include ANY Brembo pad with your order at no extra charge. So, you can get the street ceramic pads instead of 2500s and add the track ceramics in your initial order.
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