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Originally Posted by sam2428 View Post
congrats man, im debating myself if i should get this or a MB Pro.

I'm due for a new computer (I have a 4 yr old macbook that had the hard drive just fail)

Any suggestions?
Buy a new hard drive ($60-120), no reason to dump a notebook if that's what went wrong. If anything, have it fixed and sell it, definitely worth some $$$.

I use my MB Pro 13" as a desktop at home--hook it up to external monitor/KB/mouse/speakers, just keep it on a shelf lol. Occasionally disconnect it and bring it along to school or travel. Perfect for everything except what I have my x360 for.

My dad just ordered max-spec 13" air, he travels a lot so weight was most important. I think that is really the deciding factor -- if you travel, you'll want it to be lighter and more portable, yet still powerful enough to tackle most anything you need done. If you don't lug it around everywhere, MBP will give you better performance (and a larger screen) per dollar.
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