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Originally Posted by ss134 View Post
If you had worded your post differently and just stated that your experience against an M3 DCT resulted in a different result to my experience with the C63 i would have had no problem at all - different cars, conditions and drivers are all factors but by starting your post in reponse to mine with the word 'shocking' and by saying ' to say it runs equal is simply not true' is however you look at it saying that i am (a). Wrong (b). Making the story up which is not the case. You all but called me a liar.
As a caveat my run against the C63 was on the autobahn upto 170mph (VMAX as stated ) from around 80mph or so. The M3 is in its element at these higher speeds so this could have been a factor as well. To assume that your 35mph - 135mph run is definative and to dismiss everyone elses experience is naive - these cars are very close (in a straight line) and different scenarios, cars and drivers will inevitably give different results.
Unfortunately I have never had any runs with any car starting at 80mph up into 170. Not to mention I can't imagine anyone in the US being able to share that experience unless they where in the desert. Your experience is different then mine and I found that to be awkward and I will post my reasons why in a later post. Was your experience something that randomly happened or was it pre-planned? You need to remember that the C63 is not like the E55 with the old 5A. This car doesn't fall on it's face between the 3rd to 4th gear shift like most of the 55k cars do.

Remember your talking about an engine that really is producing 500+ HP that is being limited by electronic TB opening. So to say this car doesn't react well in the high RPM is not true. Again the M156 revs to 7200RPM still producing power. I'm not saying the dyno graphs from a S65 and M156 are identical but they clearly aren't like the old 55K engines which I feel a majority of people (again not saying you) are assuming.
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