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u need cardio for general health purposes and over fat reduction.

basically, if u want abs .. u need to do cardio, not crunches
if you want ripped muscles.. u need cardio

if you wana be big n bulky you can do like 4 workout days and 2 light cardio days and rest for 1 day. i wouldn't recommend totally skipping cardio because if you do that for a while u turn into this big ol machine with muscles that are 1. no flexible, 2. poor stamina and 3. so big n heavy you can barely run a lap. it all depends on your priorities, but if your working out, seems like health is your priority and cardio is important to health. dont believe the "cardio makes you loose muscle" myth, its the biggest BS lie in the bodybuilding world. it only does when you stop lifting completely and run every single day.

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