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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
Two questions to ask yourself.
Are you looking to bulk up (and cut down fatty tissues later) or are you looking to build lean muscle mass, the answer to this will tell you a lot about which formula to take.
It's good that I saw this post of yours man.

I recently just started working out (Oct '10). I currently weigh 155 lbs with 19% bodyfat (I have a small gut due to my beer drinking days). Anyway, my goal is to build lean muscle mass and gain about 8-10 lbs of muscle with about 11-12% bodyfat by August of next year. I bought true mass for my weight gainer and gold standard 100% whey protein for my post workout. I also have been eating healthy. No FRIED food, no fast-food (McDonalds, KFC), and I also cut down my sugar and salt intake. My first question: Do I need to bulk up first? Or am I on the correct path since I am now trying to build lean muscle mass?

I have been working out the big three's (Back, shoulders, and chest) for 4 days a week, and do a cardio exercise once a week. Within that whole week of working out (including the cardio day), I squeeze in 2 days of rest. Recently, I read an article in a workout magazine that stated that if your goal is bulk up or gain lean muscle mass, you should TOTALLY skip the cardio. Am I reading that right? So do I have change my workout routine to 5 days a week (no cadio at all), and squeezing 2 days of rest in between? My second question: Do I need to totally skip the cardio? Or do I need some sort of cardio at least once a week?

All comments welcome.

Thanks in advance guys!