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So who bought a Kinect?

I did. All the launch games officially suck, but it's a pretty nifty piece of hardware for $150. I can see this technology being built in to all new TV's and computer monitors in the near future. I also think it will be the kiss of death for handheld devices in the motion gaming sector, ala Wii, and most certainly Move. It's so much better being able to use your entire body.

As far as lag and accuracy, some games and 100% perfect, and others aren't. This leads me to believe that the hardware is sound, and now it's just a matter of getting the software to catch up.

Time will tell how developers take advantage of it. One complaint is that they need to let you sit down every now and then, and have the system zone in on just your upper body movements. So far all the games are 100% stand up. I'm a pretty in shape guy, and I'm sore after playing the damn thing for a few hours.