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Repost...The worst pile of cr*p test ever!!!!

AutoCar the worst piece of journalism known to man. I swear, I have never seen any worse magazine. Just about every test they do is highly flawed and they are too brainless to realize the limiting factors for a car while favoring the other, let alone going on the record to quote those. The list is endless on how many places I have pointed out their huge flaws.

"It is easier to follow". WTF?? Are you kidding me?? For one, it is an uphill climb, which will clearly favor a car in the front with more midrange especially coming out of a slow corners.

Secondly, there were several occassions I could count where the M3 could have just easily passed the RS5, but NO!! "It is easier to follow so stay behind". Obviously, to stay behind the RS5, the M3 needs to use brakes more to keep the safe distance while when the RS5 guns it, the M3 would take atleast a few split seconds to respond to the increasing distance.

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