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I never mind someone who is willing to set down and have a rational discuss. They don't even have to agree with me. Just come to the table with facts...we can disagree with postions but you can not argue the facts. Why sit down and disagree with someone when you have no facts to bring to the table?

No proof has every been provided by anyone...that means either Democrat or Republican or dishwasher...that Bush lied. He has been accused of doing so but no facts, just the oppositions dreams. He has been accused of benefiting personally from the facts, again the oppositions dreams.
He has been accused of being a divider, no facts, just oppositions dreams. What has the opposition offered to unify the country other than to oppose anything offered by the present administration. No answers from the Democratic side.

Now, if you want to have an intelligent conversation let's talk facts not dreams. I'm ready to set down and talk with you and I can bring whatever needs to be brought to the table. What will you bring?

As to Madam Speaker, she has no constitutional responsibility for foreign policy...none, zero...end of discussion. Don't even bother to bring it to the table.

As for what the governments of Syria or Iran can bring to the table, history is clear. Their past actions is clear. Their present actions are clear. They bring nothing to even compromise with. It's all or nothing with them. Diplomacy is the art of compromise. Their alternative is for everyone else to come under their rule or be killed. And you want to set down and talk with that on the table?

This post is getting long and I really want you to have an opportunity to reply. But keep it rational...bring facts to the table, lets discuss the facts, not something you wish to be but what is.