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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
Pelosi receive 104.437 votes. That was her TOTAL number of votes received.

This does not qualify her to represent the nation. It is not her position, and she is doing all she can to undermine those who do have the position and the responsibility. This is next to treasonous.
That is such a narrow minded comment...
W received 50 Mil out of 300 mil, so who gives him right to represent 250 million (including myself).
Remember, he lost the majority vote in 2000, so...
They are all elected politicians -- and I may dislike Bush, but he is the representative of my country and (in my eyes) nothing else. Nothing!
Unfortunately, when you have the representative of 300M people like W is, then the rating of the whole country goes down the drain. It is proven over the past 6 doubt about that. None...

As to your previous question -- replacement...
Well, we almost forced Clinton out of the office for much, much much smaller "sin" that broke one or two hearts and just about that. This liar caused over a 1/2 million deaths in last 5 years.

Who would I like to see in the office instead of him? Anyone, including my 5-year-old would be a better representative and would bring some pride and honor back to this country.

On a serious note, the next President -- so far I have no favorites, hopefully next two years will make someone "real" surface...