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Originally Posted by Dave IV View Post
You can laugh and make fun all you want, I can take it. I know what works for me and for years all I have ever used on a car is polish. I do not use wax.

Below is an instruction form the FAQs on the Zaino web site:

Q: I'd like a show car finish. What products do I need?

A: For the ultimate in show car appearance, it is vital to get the cleanest and smoothest finish possible. We recommend washing the car with original blue Liquid Dawn only for this initial cleaning (elsewhere on the web site it is stated that this will be the only time Dawn will be used). Once you have your vehicle completely washed, follow up with the Z-18 Claybar, to remove any surface contamination. Follow up the Z-18 Claybar with a thorough wash using our Z-7 Show Car Wash.

For any Zaino polish application, it's critical to include either ZFX OR Z-1 Polish Lok. For that show car finish, we prefer to use ZFX with Z-2 Show Car Polish. ZFX replaces Z-1 and is superior to Z-1. Z-2 Show Car Polish should be applied with our 314 Polish Aplicator pad. The key to our ultimate shine, is multiple thin layers of Z-2, with Z-6 between application. The results with just two coats of Z-2 are amazing.

If your finish contains fine scratches or swirl marks, Z-5 Show Car Polish will safely fill and level minor imperfections. As you layer Z-5, these imperfections will disappear!

Furthermore, if you go to Zaino's web site ( you will see they do not even offer a a wax. I don't know anyone who would not agree that Zaino makes some of the best car care products available. If Zaino does not offer a wax and make no mention of using wax on a car I would skip the wax.
The problem with using Zaino as a reference is they unfortunately use the word polish and sealant interchangeably to describe their products. A polish should do just that, add luster to the paint by chemically cleaning the paint or using fine abrasives to add luster. Zaino markets its "Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish" as a polish but its really a sealant. The instruction for Z-2

A little goes a long way. We've engineered Z-2 PRO™ to be extremely efficient. While applying Z-2 PRO™, do your best to apply very thin, even layers. As you become more familiar with the product, a single eight-ounce bottle will do a Corvette 20 times. Remember - when in doubt, use less.
If your car's surface isn't in optimal condition, take the necessary steps to correct any imperfections before applying Z-2 PRO. For best results, always precede an application of Z-2 PRO™ with a Z-7 Show Car Wash. This will ensure the surface is free of any contaminants or incompatible oils/deposits. Z-2 PRO™ contains no cleaners, and no abrasives, therefore the surface must be in good condition before you apply Z-2 PRO™. "

As can be seen from the bold type Z-2 is really a sealant more than a polish, it may add to the gloss but it is not polishing the paint. The "Z-5™ PRO Show Car Polish" is what's typically referred to as an all in one product in that it both polishes the paint (chemically) and has some protection. But even Zaino's site recommends following Z-5 with Z-2 for added protection and gloss. I can understand the confusion this creates but blanket statements that wax is as bad as dish soap, or you only need polish to protect your car are just incorrect.

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