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Cool Mission Accomplished - First M3 in the 10s quarter mile

Featured on M3POST HOMEPAGE.

Went to the dragstrip yesterday determined to get into the 10s. It was a Buick Grand National race that allowed test and tune between rounds. I surprised many black Buicks when a lonely white BMW blazed down the track. Car was at full weight, 96 octane (I added 2.5 gallons of VP100 to the 93 already in the car), and no burnouts (went around the water box every run).

On the first run I went 11.53 @ 126.7 mph on just supercharger (with a 2.01 60' time). The in car video below shows that particular run. Enjoy!

Next run I added a 100 shot of nitrous in second gear which gave me a 11.07 @ 131 mph. So close, but not a 10...

On the final run I decided to hit the nitrous as soon as I went to full throttle in 1st gear. It felt like a Toyota with a stuck throttle hit me in the rear when the nitrous came on, but the beefy 305/35R18 Mickey Thompsons held their ground.
The results 10.87 @ 131 mph

2012 Blue Pearl GT-R
1068whp & 906wtq on E85 / 60 - 130 MPH in 3.8 secs

2009 BMW M3 ESS Supercharged / Nitrous - 10.87 @ 131 MPH / 60 - 130 MPH in 6.23 secs

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