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Originally Posted by Aonarch View Post
Apparently they ran a bunch of "tests" and lab work against my wishes.
If you are going to go to the doctor and expect a diagnosis, then tests will often be required. Granted, physicians tend to do more testing than absolutely required as there is the constant threat of some ambulance chaser waiting to cash in if something, no matter how remote or unexpected is "missed".

There are many problems with health care, but one of the measure our government, especially the more liberal side of house, has failed to address it tort reform. This is shocking as so many in government are attorneys by training. I am NOT bashing all lawyers, just the ambulance chasers.

If the ER doc is concerned that he is going to be somebody's lottery ticket, then "extra" testing is going to occur. Typically the insurance company or the hospital is going to eat it...and pass it along.

On the other hand, there are a lot of patients that demand every test under the sun, with most of them getting it, for the same reasons above. Defensive medicine has become the norm.

Then again, perhaps Jim Henson wished that his doctor did a test or two more when he showed up with a cold....
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