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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
I like your car but that 997 had the tiptronic trans from the Flintstones era.
POS if there ever was one.

Homes in Tulsa look like homes in Dallas. Style/brick choice etc..
Your glass swings open on the front doors yes?
The Bermuda looks dormant already. Has it froze there? Or is that St. Augustine?
Lot's of stucco houses as well. Yes the glass windows swing in when the doors are closed. It's nice at night with the water fountain turned's goes right into the main living area. I also have a 108" screen in the theater upstairs that's great for gameday and movies. The grass is Bermuda and I'm not sure if we've had an official freeze or not, although, it's supposed to get to 29 tonight. I go to Dallas quite often and it's a comparable city on a much larger scale.