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Well, just as expected the production version looks exactly the same as the concept version, but knowing what happened with the M5, we all kind of knew that already.

I'm happy to see the CF roof and side vents making it though, and the car looks really good in red actually, although in the article pics, it seems like the M is wearing 18" shoes, doesn't quite fill out the wells as nicely as 19's, still attractive however.

The interior in the article looks bland as hell though, I'd recommend black leather for a red car, but to each his own.

As for the transmissions, I expected that all manufacturers would work their way towards dual or multi clutch transmissions, and BMW is following suit, although I remember reading around that they were prepping the highly updated newer version of SMG for the M3. Technically, a dual clutch transmission is still an SMG (sequential manual gearbox), so I could still be right.

Either way, nice article, interesting stuff.